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XKKO brjóstapúðar 6 stk, lífræn bómull

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Breast pads XKKO Organic made of extraordinarily pleasant organic cotton terry. The pads are sewn from one layers of the best quality  "zero twisted" terry and one layer of polyester fabric with PUL coating.


Moisture penetration through them is significantly reduced by the polyurethane layer made by the American company Narcote, LLC, which makes the pad permeable to vapour transmission and, at the same time, it prevents from moisture transmission.


The XKKO Organic pads are perfectly fine and extremely absorbent.


Wash at 40° Celsius.

Wash before first use.

We do not recommend use of a spin-drier.

We recommend using standard detergents. Soap and soapy slime can significantly reduce the absorbency of the product and cause damage as well as damage to your machine.

To prevent change in shape and dimensions, recommended after each wash easily pull the product to its original shape and dimensions.

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