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Puckababy The BAG Bleikur

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The Bag ® 4 season

The ideal baby and toddler sleeping bag for years of safe, pleasurable sleeping. Unique "4 in One" design with adjustable length. You can adapt to any season and it will last for years.

BAG 4 Seasons

Fyrir börn frá ca. 7m til 2,5 ára.

The Bag is adjustable depending on the size of your child, from 7 months up to 2.5 years. With one sleeping bag you are prepared for all seasons over the years.

Lack of comfort and warmth causes restless sleeping. The extra security of The Bag promotes peaceful sleeping. The bag is asleeping bag which fits nicely around the arms and the body. The combination of the quality of the materials and the shape of The bag prevents your child feeling lost and uncomfortable in their bed. The 4 seasons bag makes the transition towards normal sleeping smooth. Your child cannot roll over to his front easily and is always covered.

• Keeps your child in place
• Makes it more difficult for your child to roll over onto his/her stomach
• Your child is always nice and tucked in
• Your child is never too hot and never too cold; the right sleeping bag is always close at hand
• Your child feels comfortable, secure and sleeps more deeply
• Recommended by experts for restless sleeping

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