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Puckababy Orginal Mini 3-6m

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The Original ® Mini

The unique first month sleeping bag for a healthy rhythm in sleeping and feeding; proven effective against crying, restlessness and poor sleeping. Not too tight; beautiful and safe!


Lengd 62- 74 cm  * c.a. 3 til 6 mánaða eða 5,5 til 7,5 kg.


The Original ® Mini: the sleeping bag that stimulates a peaceful sleeping pattern. The Original® Piep consists of an outer bag and a special vest within in which your baby gets placed. By limiting the space around your baby for movement, your baby automatically finds more rest.


The Original ® Mini forms a comfortable safe cocoon around your baby. It limits the movement of your baby but simultaneously leaves space for the healthy development of your baby. It’s not too warm and so simple to use that everybody can do it. The zips in the sleeves of the Mini are unique, enabling a smooth transition to an eventual sleep without the Mini.  Through the simple but great function of the cocoon, your baby sleeps soundly and will wake well rested. Your baby is satisfied and the signals for both sleep and hunger will become clearer. The sleepless nights and the feeling of helplessness will soon be over.


  • Litir PB: Blár, Bleikur, Ecru/star, Grár/doppur, Hvítur/silfur, Hvítur/stjörnur, Organic/ecru, Teddy/hvít, Tencel/hvít
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