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Children's Placemat with Pocket

Let mealtimes get messy with Bibetta’s new Placemat with Pocket! The fun and attractive mat is a large size to protect your table and has lots of space for your child’s cups and bowls, or for placing finger food directly on the top for baby led weaning. Best of all it has a springy pocket to catch any precious dropped food; great for kids that don't wish to wear a bib! Made of soft, thick neoprene it has a friendly feel that children love!

The mat has a non-slip backing to keep it in place and, after the meal, folds up into a compact clutch-style pack to trap any messy food securely inside until you get home, where it can be washed by hand.

To keep our Placemat with Pocket looking smart, always wash it straight after every meal (do not leave food or drinks on the fabric). Wash food off under hot running water, add washing up liquid onto any stains, rub firmly and then rinse thoroughly. The mat can occasionally be machine-washed, (after hand washing after every meal) is tumble drier safe and durable for superb long lasting value.

Ideal for home, cafés and restaurants to keep both the table and your little one clean!

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